The Japanese quilting stitch, sashiko was traditionally utilized
to add stability and reinforce cloth. Many layers of cloth were
sometimes layered together to create bulk and structure.

The slight irregularities of hand-stitching add rhythm,
and give a textile its own vitality.

These wobbly multicolored circles and their loose
free-hand nature inspire,
and are far more interesting to the eye
than the precise polka dot.

Image from Yasu.


Susan Briscoe said...

Where did you get the first image? It is one of my reference scans from when I was working on 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook'. I found it on your blog via a pinterest pin. How did you get hold of it?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan I have randomly come across your blog and love your work.....I am Scottish but live overseas and own one of your books. I think the internet is marvellous and you should be so very proud that your work is portrayed, thank you!The person who I displayed your image has done you a great favor methinks.....I look forward to attending a class in Scotland in the future:-)