Flow Festival

Entering the Marimekko motif gates

The oversized baby blue balloon in the
background makes this photo that much better.
As does his breezy tuxedo shirt, hidden sapphire lucite cane
and pristine black leather high tops.

While watching Sweden's Jenny Wilson, one of the
standout performances of the weekend, I spotted this couple.
Her rounded bob and scoopbacked dress perfectly echoed
one another, and I love his riding pants with the oversized
navy jacket and just a peak of a rolled up mustard sleeve.

I have a soft spot for the romance of anything dilapidated.
Like these tired rusty gauges and abandoned holding tank.
The modern edge of the blond is a nice juxtaposition.

A kiss with Mikko.
He is the reason for my relocation to Finland, an
intrepid leap of faith to forge a life together.

Fever Ray's unforgettable elemental performance

Ordering late night eats

Mikko's mixed meat sandwich, there's also a
hidden sausage in there somewhere.
I stuck with a delicious hamburger.

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