Saturday Sun

Happy Halloween!


Lizzy Stewart

Striking illustrations inspired by
the battle at Wounded Knee.

Via here.


Vera Wang

The artistic, evocative interplay of transparency.
Creating volume, length, and structure
with a whisper.



Change of Pace

Yay! Yesterday was the busiest day I've had since moving to Helsinki.
A morning meeting, and first day on the job
for a Swedish play set in the early 1970s,
where I'll be coordinating/altering costumes.

On many days,
I truly miss the exhilarating bustle
of big city living.

Paper chandelier via Lena.


Ralph Lauren

Some of my most treasured images are those from old magazines.
This Ralph Lauren ad is from Vogue 1982.
It's part of 5 page spread, the remainder of which
is unfortunately packed in storage.

Lauren has an irresistible aptitude for reinterpreting
the classic themes of Americana.

Eternally capturing romance and sophistication,
with a hint of whimsy.


Dream On

Technicolour magic.
Natural and artificial.

Aurora Borealis


Good Morning

Monday is the fresh start of the week.
Goals to ponder,
ideas to weigh,
tasks to complete.

This week I'll be getting additional immigration papers in order.
Those that qualify me to start a business here,
and begin working freelance.
A paper trail of aspiration.

Image via Annalise Rees.



František Drtikol
László Moholy-Nagy
& Drtikol


Marianne Brandt

An innovative artist of many mediums.
Brandt studied at the Bauhaus,
and quickly rose to direct the metal shop,
where she created some of the most
iconic pieces of the era.


Holly Fulton

The geometric strength & symmetry of Art Deco.


Stockholm: now & then

Stockholm is brimming with that special
Scandinavian allure.

A year and a half ago, I visited the city for the first time.
Spring had just hit.
Wild patches of violet crocus flourished,
and cherry blossoms in full bloom lined the streets.

This fall, the visit marks the chill of the Baltic settling in.
Leaves are slowly turning,
sunshine illuminates brisk days.
The romance of autumn colours,
nestling in, and enjoying the stillness.