As you may have noticed I've really slacked off this week. I'm in need of a blogging break, or more so, a computer break. I often feel like too much of my time is occupied on the computer, which is hard to remedy living so far away from so many family and friends. But things change and perhaps I'll be back here soon. Take care, Lisa Xo


Stig Lindberg: Textiles

Textiles to breathe life into any space. Floor to ceiling curtains, pillowcases, bedding, or merely stretched as canvas and hung on the wall. Lindberg was one of Sweden's most prolific designers. In addition to textiles he tried his expert hand at pottery, illustration, industrial design, ceramics and glass. Lindberg's work perfectly encapsulates the fresh faced idealism of the fifties.


Rock On

Stones from California's shores hand cast in bronze.


Piet Hein Eek

Scrap wood given a new lease on life.
A modern interpretation of the classics,
redefining the true worth of materials.


Life Lately

Thoughtful, beautiful birthday gifts, ice skating on the Baltic sea, homemade peanut butter cookies, and who can resist a black liquorice donut? I had to have a bite out of pure curiosity, and it was delicious. This weekend for the first time in months, the temperature rose to a steady 0 degrees. The snow is melting and a cloud of steam is hanging heavy over the city. I'm more than ready to retire my squat winter boots in favour of my much more elegant navy knee high Le Chameau rubber boots (that is if you can even call rubber boots elegant, but you'll have to forgive me since it's been a really long winter!). Bring on the slush!