Portrait Display

An asymmetric, monochromatic jumble of vintage photographs.
Floating in a sea of white,
push-pinned to the wall in genuine simplicity.

Pics courtesy of Apartment Therapy


Denim Heaven

Worn-out, faded, patched, tried & true.
I like the idea of shorts for fall, these shorts to be exact.
Loose, of the perfect length,
and rolled up in small dainty increments.

Helmut Lang Resort 2010



Today we're off to the Finnish Immigration office, to see what
it takes to make me living and working here legit.
A residency permit. Hopefully we won't have to que too long.

Other than that, more and more drawing. The end is finally
in sight for these design sketches and I'm anxious to see what
Monday's meeting will bring. More work hopefully!



The Japanese quilting stitch, sashiko was traditionally utilized
to add stability and reinforce cloth. Many layers of cloth were
sometimes layered together to create bulk and structure.

The slight irregularities of hand-stitching add rhythm,
and give a textile its own vitality.

These wobbly multicolored circles and their loose
free-hand nature inspire,
and are far more interesting to the eye
than the precise polka dot.

Image from Yasu.


Hanna Konola

Simple yet strong use of line, minimal but well chosen colours,
and ample white space. The open contented isolation of the North.
A feeling that I can relate to being here, life has slowed down,
and I feel at peace and happy.

This one reminds me of swings swaying.

Adorable as she is, I'm prompted to think of the
changing season and the approaching near Arctic cold.
Nights have cooled down and grown darker,
and I know just around the corner I will need to be
bundled up in layers upon layers.

I really want to learn how to knit this autumn. Nothing complicated,
just a tapered oversized tube to wear as a cowled scarf.
The various projects on my mind are piling up, and hopefully
soon I'll be sharing a studio with sewing equipment.

Images from Hanna Konola, a Helsinki artist.


Emma Carroll

Made in New York, these highly graphic pieces are eye catching
yet not brash, as they exude the natural warmth of the leather.
This characteristic will only develop with wear,
deepening the rich colours and softening the hide.
I'm especially partial to the coin-like design,
dripping with tiny medallions, perhaps in a rosy taupe.

See all of Emma Carroll's designs here.


Life Lately

Summer in the streets.

Making jam!
Our small fridge is overflowing with blueberries,
red & black currants, and red & green gooseberries.

And lastly... new boots!
It was my lucky day thrifting with this steal.
Beautiful Italian leather with fantastic gold detailing.
Happy weekend!



This tunic's loose pieced together look is
everything I wish for right now.
Textural slubbed silk, and desaturated rich colours
resulting from natural dyeing techniques.

I want to live in this cozy sweatshirt all season.

A little edgy fun.

Via Bodkin's latest lovely collection.


Flow Festival

Entering the Marimekko motif gates

The oversized baby blue balloon in the
background makes this photo that much better.
As does his breezy tuxedo shirt, hidden sapphire lucite cane
and pristine black leather high tops.

While watching Sweden's Jenny Wilson, one of the
standout performances of the weekend, I spotted this couple.
Her rounded bob and scoopbacked dress perfectly echoed
one another, and I love his riding pants with the oversized
navy jacket and just a peak of a rolled up mustard sleeve.

I have a soft spot for the romance of anything dilapidated.
Like these tired rusty gauges and abandoned holding tank.
The modern edge of the blond is a nice juxtaposition.

A kiss with Mikko.
He is the reason for my relocation to Finland, an
intrepid leap of faith to forge a life together.

Fever Ray's unforgettable elemental performance

Ordering late night eats

Mikko's mixed meat sandwich, there's also a
hidden sausage in there somewhere.
I stuck with a delicious hamburger.


Loeffler Randall

Window shopping via Jumelle's online store.

Loeffler Randall's enviable high detail designs,

I love the handcrafted appeal of the woven theme.

A versatile tunic to be worn year round,

layered under and over everything.


Experimental Quilting

The fascinating work of Effie Mae Howard

An esteemed African American artist who has

heralded comparisons to modernists Mark Rothko

and Regina Bogat pictured below.

Yet her quilting holds the added allure of being tactile,

showing depth and slight movement in its irregular form.

My new favorite bag, a 2nd hand quilted tote.

Geometric colour blocking.

I'm inspired to do some quilting of my own



Iittala's newest theme, the mystical Satumestä.
Designed by Klaus Haapaniemi


Weekend Away

Weekend spent at a charming summer house.
Complete with idyllic garden room,
illuminated and ivy covered.


Where the sun shines forever & never

Helsinki, Finland. One month in & settling with ease.