Gabrielle Raaff

Luminous, geometric, aerial interpretations.
Sparse, poetic dispersal.

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Laundry room snapshot.

Breakfast of champions.
Rye cereal with pear & lingonberry.

Pulla for 2.
Cardamom infused & sugar crusted.


Gerhard Richter

Distorted realism, an additional layer of sentiment.

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Renilde Depeuter


I love Renilde's whimsical and contemporary
interpretation of embroidery.
An admirable continuation of traditional craft.



Captivating and intuitive.
The work of Burcu Avsar.



A 1 year test of resourcefulness and innovation.
Makeshift is the ambitious project that requires
its founder Natalie Purschwitz, owner of Vancouver store
Hunt & Gather, to make everything she wears including shoes,
undergarments, hats, swimsuits, and accessories.
Simply altering existing store-bought items is not allowed.

Experimental results abound, this project is completely
fascinating and inspirational.



Angular precision
coupled with the tactile spirit of paper.

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Rachel Comey

Casual elegance.
The perfect overalls, utilitarian cargo pockets,
quirky prints, and curved feminine hemlines.
I love the denim backpack thrown in - suggesting
this striking red dress needn't solely be for special occasions.
Her garments are those I wish to wear day in, day out.

Tied to the computer today.
Still trying to climb the mountain that is the tedious task
of inputting my design sketches into Illustrator flats.

Would much rather spend the hours sewing.
Until I find one of my own, I've borrowed Mikko's mom's machine.
Yesterday I happily stitched new cushion covers for the sofa and bed.
Next it's light grey canvas curtains, and after that I'll be free
to move onto more pressing matters, mainly, fall clothes!

By way of Spring 2010


A-Frame Admiration

Towering windows flooding the space with light,
its dramatic structure framing daily life.

Via here, here & here.


Lace Love

Stella McCartney's gorgeous designs.
Evocative & innovative.