Hanna Konola

Simple yet strong use of line, minimal but well chosen colours,
and ample white space. The open contented isolation of the North.
A feeling that I can relate to being here, life has slowed down,
and I feel at peace and happy.

This one reminds me of swings swaying.

Adorable as she is, I'm prompted to think of the
changing season and the approaching near Arctic cold.
Nights have cooled down and grown darker,
and I know just around the corner I will need to be
bundled up in layers upon layers.

I really want to learn how to knit this autumn. Nothing complicated,
just a tapered oversized tube to wear as a cowled scarf.
The various projects on my mind are piling up, and hopefully
soon I'll be sharing a studio with sewing equipment.

Images from Hanna Konola, a Helsinki artist.

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